Aragon Tunic Front Finished

This means that the majority of the work is done, right?  Of course, it is the more tedious part that is left.

First, I must say that the pattern directions are rather stunning…perfectly amazing, actually.  They get a bit complicated, but if you take it slow and pay careful attention, you won’t have any problems.  I even managed to get through them without any mistakes, and I’m only ever paying moderate attention to my crocheting, as I’m usually doing it in front of the television.

I’m a little concerned that the neckline might be a bit low on me, or the belt loops a bit high, but I couldn’t figure an easy modification for that, so I just crocheted the pattern as is, hoping that everything will work out once the tunic is finished.  I’m not too worried, as I’ll always wear a shirt under this anyway.

Now, if I’d been smart, I would have blocked the back while I was working on the front.  I didn’t, so now I won’t be able to move on until I have blocked both pieces.  (I’ve only got room to lay out one piece at a time.)  At least it is warm enough that they will dry quickly, so I should be able to get started with the assembly in a couple of days.

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