Fitting Issues

Don’t let the title worry you too much; as you can see in the yesterday’s pictures, the Aragon Tunic is fitting just fine.  The issue is the belt.  Thankfully, I have enough sewing experience to have some ideas for how to change patterns to fit my body type.  It also means that I have enough experience with garment making to not follow the pattern blindly, but to double check the fit as I go along.

For the tunic, I followed the patter for the 51″ final width, which gives me nine inches of positive ease.  I thought this was a little much, but when my swatch worked up to be a bit on the short side anyway, I figured I could safely make this size and still get a garment that I wasn’t positively swimming in.  As you can see, that has all worked out perfectly (except in the sleeves, but that is a problem with my upper arms being far too wide for my size, not a problem with the sizing of the pattern).  However, when I worked up the foundation chainf or the belt in the same size, it was obviously going to be huge.  Again, I don’t think this is a pattern issue so much as a fit issue.  I am very busty, but I have an hour-glass figure–there is always at least a ten inch difference between my bust and my waist measurements, even when my weight fluctuates.  Most patterns are drafted on the premise that a woman with my bust measurement would be proportional to a woman half my size (i.e. a little more up and down, rather than so curved); while this works for many women’s figures, it means that I must adjust almost every pattern I work with in order to achieve a flattering fit.

So, while I needed the size 51 to accomodate my ample bosom, the belt needs to be significantly smaller.   I counted back the chains to the next size down, which seemed to get me a bit closer.  I went ahead and worked up the first half of the first row.  It still had a pretty significant overlap.  I pulled out the first row and pulled out enough chains to get me down to the smallest size belt.  Bingo.  It will just fit.

Unfortunately, it still will not get done tonight.  I got started a little too late on it this evening, plus the false starts, which means I haven’t even finished the crocheted part, yet alone the sewing that needs to be done on it.  I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to finish it at some point this weekend.

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