Still Going Wrong

Yep.  I’m still having issues.  I don’t know what it is about this pattern that I simply cannot master.  I keep loosing stitches and messing up the lace design, and I’m so not happy with how it is looking.  So, I’ve got two plans:

Plan A: Get a set of metal needles and see if that doesn’t help with my tension problem.  Maybe if it isn’t so dang hard for me to complete the k2togs and k3togs, I’ll be able to keep better track of where I’m at in the pattern.  I’ve been using bamboo, which I usually love because they don’t slip on me, but I think in this case they are actually working against me.

Plan B: Choose a simpler lace pattern for the front of the stocking and just focus on at least getting to the back lace pattern before I make the decision to surrender and frog.

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