Metal Makes a Difference

Of course, I already knew this, but sometime it takes hitting your head against a brick wall to remind yourself that it’s hard.  The metal needles are making a significant difference in my progress on the Vogue stockings.  It is slightly easier to get into the k2togs and k3togs.  Still a bit of work, but they make just enough difference to help me keep better tabs on where I’m at in the pattern instead of getting all frustrated with the thing and forgetting to yarn over.  So far, I’ve gotten about five repeats done on the foot and have only messed up one set.

So, while I’m still thinking that these stockings will take quite a while, at least I feel like I could eventually, successfully complete them.  I just hope I continue to feel this cautiously optimistic once I start on the lace pattern on the leg…

Also, since I was switching needles anyway, I decided to switch techniques.  Instead of getting a set of double point needles, I bought an extra circular to pair with the one I already have to try knitting on two circulars instead of dps.  I love it.  It takes a teensy bit more time to shift stitches around and such, but I’m not ending up with that gap running down the bottom of the foot.  (My feet are super sensitive, and I can actually feel that space on the one pair of socks I’ve completed.)  I was also a little concerned about the lace pattern once I started on the leg and thought it might be a bit simpler to have the front on one needle and the back on another.

So far, it’s been a good call, and I’m very happy with my progress so far.  Pictures will be coming soon.

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