Starting a “Save My Sanity” Project

I’m beginning to think that the Vogue Stockings are a doomed project.  Attempt number three, while improved, has been side-lined by a dropped stitch.  Now, I’m adept enough that I can salvage a dropped stitch, say in stockinette or garter stitch, but not in this lace pattern.  Plus, I didn’t realized I’d dropped it until it had traveled down to the beginning of the lace.  Grrr.

So, I need to begin yet again, but I’m not sure I’m emotionally or mentally ready to even frog back yet.  It may result in a complete breakdown or a long hiatus from knitting, neither of which sound appealing right now.

Therefore, I’m starting yet another knitting project.  I’ve had this Cascade yarn lying around ever since my failed attempt to make the Boatneck Bluebell sweater from Fitted Knits.  While I’d eventually like to try that pattern again, I don’t feel the yen to work on that right now and also don’t feel like this yarn is really the best choice for that project.

Instead, I’m going to use the yarn to make the Corona Sweater by CanaryKnits.  It’s a really darling little hoodie that also doesn’t look too “young” like a lot of the ones you find in the department stores.  I just love the cable pattern that goes around the hood and down the v-neck.  It may end up being a little on the warm side to wear around the Bay Area, even in the winter, but it will be something much nicer than a sweatshirt to throw on in the evening.

Of course, I’ve already had one false start.  I got my cast on row twisted somehow.  I checked and recheck to make sure it wasn’t twisted when I joined it, but I put my work down for a few minutes before finishing that first row, and I think that may be when I twisted it and didn’t notice because it was still the first row.  Anyway, I’m all good now, and I must say that it is a relief to be working on something that doesn’t require so much mental effort.

In sort, this project is going to be very good for my sanity.  And the Vogue Stockings…

who knows…

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