Persistence WILL Pay Off

I’ve been making my own garments long enough to know that if I’m unhappy with the fit or look of something, I’m not going to ever wear it.  What a waste of all that work.

So, it’s no surprise that now that I’ve taken up knitting, I absolutely don’t hesitate to frog my work.  I’ve even frogged a nearly finished sweater because it turned out way too large.  I suppose I could pass some of my mistakes off as a gift intended for someone else, but I’d always know that it was really my own lack of skill and persistence that tripped me up.

All that was just a preface to say that I’ve frogged a lot of my progress on the Corona hoodie.  I’d gotten to the bust increases and finished about one repeat of the cable pattern before trying on the partly completed body.  Uh, way too big everywhere except for the hip ribbing.  Okay.  So, that’s where I frogged back to.

I really don’t want to go down a size in the hips.  The ribbing fits nicely without looking too stretched.  I decided that I’d increase the decreases, if that makes sense…work a decrease about every half inch instead of one every inch, until I’ve decreased the number of stitches enough to make the waist the next size down.  Right now, the slope of the sides looks a little extreme, but I think once it’s on, it will look much better than my first go.

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