Why I still crochet!

The curried cable jacket is just zooming along.  After taking so long to knit a sweater (which I absolutely love, not sayin’ I don’t), this jacket is reminding me of why I absolutely love to crochet.  It fulfills my need for near-instant gratification.  I’ve already got the back and one side of the front done.  Plus, it’s looking absolutely adorable, and I think the fit is going to be perfect.

I have already made one modification, though.  I really didn’t like how the neck looked in the magazine pictures.  It just seems far too wide–which, to me, is not aesthetically pleasing, nor functional for keeping my neck warm.  So, I increased the shoulder in order to make the neck opening smaller.  It should work out fine, although it does put the cables in front very close to the side of the neck.  I won’t know how funny that looks until I start assembling the pieces, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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