Sock Distractions

I think I’ve decided that one of the ultimate indulgences in life is a pair of wool socks.  Okay, yeah, so I’ve only ever knit one pair, but now that the cold weather is here, let me tell ya, they are the bomb!  My tootsies stay all nice and toasty, even though my husband and I refuse to turn on the heat until our lips turn blue.

So, while my Curried Cables Jacket sits in pieces until I purchase a zipper and get up the motivation to finish the seams, I’ve started on another pair of socks.  I made sure to choose a toe-up pattern this time so that I could just keep knitting until I ran out of yarn–this Overlapping Leaves pattern, which you can find on Ravelry.  Of course, I had a bit of a false start to begin with, since I’m so bad about checking gauge; the foot ended up too long, so I ripped back a full repeat.  It still seams a bit big, but I’m not going to sweat it.  They are for my feet, after all, and only really for wearing around the house or with boots, so if they are too long it’s no big deal.

Overall, I’m happy with the pattern, though it is not written with a beginning knitter in mind.  I had to do a little legwork to learn how to do this particular heel method (wrap and turn), but I think I have it figured out now.  The design is pretty without being too lacy.  My only complaint is that the pattern is a little too complicated for me to just sit in front of the TV and ignore reading the pattern.  Okay, it’s not really a complaint, I just like to make pretty things but don’t want to put a whole lot of brain power into it.  At any rate, the pattern is simple enough that I haven’t had any problems following the it, unlike the struggle I’ve had with my Vogue stockings.

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