Vacation means knitting time!

My vacation has just begun and already I’m enjoying the additional time to knit and crochet.  I finally got the second overlapping leaves sock finished.  They are a little large just about everywhere, but I still have the problem of the leg being a little too snug to slip easily over my heel to get them on.  I’ve decided to make my pair of socks a bit stretchier to fix that issue…but I’m getting ahead of myself here.  First, pictures.

Overlapping Leaves Sock

Overlapping Leaves Sock

I have also finished my Curried Cables Jacket, but that was before vacation started.  I’ve even gotten quite a bit of use out of it, with the recent cool weather.

Curried Cables Jacket

Curried Cables Jacket

So, with those two projects finished and wearable, it was time to start a couple more projects.

My next crochet project is a blanket for my friend Bridget, who is expecting her first baby.  I’m using the pattern Sólás Caomh from Interweave Crochet’s Spring 2009 issue.  Thankfully, I’d already mastered crocheted cables before attempting this pattern, because this one takes a bit more attention than the jacket.  I’ve already switched some around, but that isn’t entirely my fault, since the chart doesn’t match the written directions in a couple of places.

I’ve also decided to do a different edging for the blanket.  While I was reading the pattern and mulling over the edging, my eye came across my Aragon Tunic; I think the edging on the tunic will be perfect for this blanket…a more substantial edging while still being lacey enough that it won’t add too much more weight to an already heavy blanket.

My  next new project is another pair of socks, since I’m totally addicted to making and wearing wool socks.  Of course, the first thing I did when we got to our timeshare was look up an LYS.  I found a couple of different yarns that I thought would make great socks.  As soon as I finished the overlapping leaves socks, I started a pair of Ambrosia Socks.  I’ve already finished the foot and turned the heel.  I’m anticipating that they will be stretchy enough that I can make them a bit longer than the other two pairs I’ve made.

Yep, I’m having a pretty good vacation.

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