When it just ain’t working…

…then it’s time to frog and start over.

I ripped out my progress on the Cappuccino Cardigan and switched to the Veronica Sweater.  The Veronica has a much more structured look, plus it calls for a hook that is two sizes larger.  While that still doesn’t get me the right gauge, I’ve decided to stick with the hook size and continue to crochet a smaller size in order to get the correct size garment.  This gets me a much softer look and feel out of the yarn than going down a hook size would, and I think getting the right feel in the fabric is more important than having spot-on gauge.

Besides, since it is a top-down pattern, I can check the size as I go, making sure that it isn’t ending up way too large or too long.  So far, I almost have the yoke done, and it’s looking pretty good.

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