So Much Progress

And so few pictures.

I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I know I suck at taking pictures, and even when I do, I don’t get them uploaded.

But I swear–there really is progress happening in the Liao household!

The heat has been absolutely terrible lately, so I haven’t been out in my sewing room as much as I’d like.  (Yes, the high 80’s is hot to me.  I’m a Californian through and through, so don’t tease me!)  Today it finally started to cool down, so the room was finally bearable, and actually a bit more comfortable than my bedroom once I got the breeze coming through.  So, here’s what I accomplished:

  • I made the sash for my chemise gown.
  • I made a bow and tacked it onto the sash.
  • I made the tails for the sash.

I also started removing weft threads on the end of one of the ties to create a fringe, but that’s going to take a while longer to finish up.

I also went back to playing with my  new hedgehog wig.  Styling this one has intimidated me a bit, as I’m really afraid of going too far with the teasing and making it look too frizzy.  I’m starting with a Southern Belle, and managed to wet and scrunch it over the weekend to bring back the curls on the top of the head.  (I feel like the curls could be tighter, so I may do it once more.)  I also got up the courage to cut most of the long hanging curls shorter to become part of the hedgehog, leaving just a few at the back to hang down.

Tonight, I started gently separating many of the curls by just combing through with my fingers.  It’s actually looking pretty good, and the process and kind of shown me the next step–I need to get out my can of hairspray to get some product in it.  Although the curls are looking how I want them to look (i.e. lofty without being too frizzy), they still want to hang down around the ears.  I think a bit of hairspray will fix that.

I’m starting to feel like I’ll have everything ready by Saturday.  Wow, no last minute sewing.  All that’s really left is to finish up the wig, make sleeve ties, and finish fringe on the sash tails.  I’ll need to finish assembling the sash, but I think I’ll wait to do that until I’m starting to get dressed on Saturday so that I can check where the hook-and-eye should go and then make sure everything lines up correctly (bow with the ties at the center back, etc.).  I also need to start thinking about accessories.

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