Last weekend was the GBACG Petit Trianon event at the fabulous Bellevue Club in Oakland.  It was the perfect venue for the perfect event.  Due to some recent health issues, I decided to opt for my gown that is easiest to wear–the chemise a la reine.  However, it needed something to spiffy it up and make it more appropriate for such a formal event.

Thus, I finally got around to making a showy petticoat to wear under it.  When I originally made the gown, I decided to leave the front open like the one that the pattern is taken from in The Cut of Women’s Clothes, which was my inspiration.  Previously, I’d simply worn the gown with white petticoats underneath, but really wanted something better.  I also figured that this was the perfect opportunity to use some red/yellow shot silk taffeta from my stash.  Red is not a color I wear well, so I bought the fabric with the intention of using it for accessories only…nothing near my face…so a petticoat was perfect.

Not only did I manage to get the petticoat finished in time for the event, but I also made a sash with a bow and tails.  I made sure to cut the sash tails so that I could fray them and have a red fringe at the ends.

Unfortunately, my darling husband hasn’t quite gotten the hang of taking costume photos.  I had him snap a few of my before leaving for the event and didn’t check his work.  Turns out he only took three-quarter length shots, so none that completely show the petticoat or the fringed tails.  I also haven’t seen many of me from the event that are worth snagging.  (I must have spent too much time sitting down or something.)  So, for now, these will have to suffice.


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