Chemise a la Reine Upgrades

Okay, the pictures aren’t great, but I haven’t quite gotten my husband fully trained on how to take costume pictures.  I have to take some responsibility as well, since I didn’t double check his snapshots before rushing out the door.

Just to recap, I made a new petticoat, the sash, bow, and ties.  (The sash, bow, and ties are meant to look like one piece, but they were all constructed separately and then attached.  The whole thing then closes with a large hook and eye.  This design keeps each piece in place and looking much nicer than if it was just one long sash tied into a bow.  Even the bow itself isn’t tied, but is two separate pieces of fabric sewn into a bow.)

I also frayed the ends of the ties so that I have about six inches of fringe at the ends, but you can’t see that in these photos. To do this, I first made sure to cut my fabric so that the red warp threads were the long way and the yellow weft threads ran across.  I sewed the pieces to create tubes, leaving the bottom six inches unsewn.  Once I turned them right side out and pressed the seam to the center back of the tie, I spent about an hour and a half per tie pulling out the weft threads.  The stitching on the seam prevents the thread from raveling further.


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