Beginning of the Summer Bustle

I apologize for not having pictures today, but I haven’t gotten far enough to photograph anything yet.

Still, I’m pretty proud of how much I did accomplish today.  Not only did I get the skirt cut out, but I started on the major seams.  Unfortunately, cutting means I was on my feet for quite a while, and then the ironing started to do me in.  So, only half the seams are going to get finished today.

Of course, before I could get this far, I had to make some decisions.

First up, patterns.  I wanted something light and fluffy and it just had to have a train.  So, I decided on Truly Victorian 208 for the skirt.  I’m making view A without the apron, as I’d like to add a peplum to the bodice instead, which I think will look a bit more flattering on  my frame.  For the bodice, I’m going to use Truly Victorian 401, View B, probably without the sleeve puffs.

Next, the challenges.  It is a bit difficult to start a project while I’m pregnant and have no idea how things will fit two months after I give birth.  Obviously, I’m not going to start the bodice for a while, until I have a better idea of my dimensions.  Thankfully, I haven’t gained a whole lot of weight with the pregnancy, so I felt pretty comfortable starting on the skirt using my current hip measurement.  I’ll probably wait to attach the skirt to the waistband until the event gets a bit closer and I know my waist measurement.

Of course, the other obvious issue I’m going to encounter is that I’ll need to either breast feed or pump at some point during the event.  A corset tends to make that a bit difficult.  Thankfully, Bridget the Internet Goddess came to my rescue.  She has found pictures of Victorian corsets that were designed for nursing mothers.  Rather than make a whole new corset (which would be impossible with my time frame), I’m cannibalizing one of my older corsets and just making the necessary modifications.  Should be fun, right?

So, as long as I don’t go into labor tonight, I’ll probably make a bit more progress tomorrow and hopefully have some pictures to share.

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