Sewing for Babies!

Of course, having the twins means I have VERY little time to sew, but I did manage to whip up a couple of little outfits for them for Dickens Fair this year.


I used Elizabeth Stewart Clark’s Infant Gowns pattern and absolutely loved it.  I think for next year I’ll go ahead and get the linens pattern as well so that I can make the appropriate undergarments, which I skimped on this year, knowing I just would not have the time.

For my son, I made the infant gown with the smooth bodice and sleeve configuration.  I trimmed it very simply with a narrow velvet ribbon around the sleeve and hem.  There are three large tucks in the skirt, so for next year I can just make a new bodice, attach the old skirt and let out a tuck or two.

bstanding   bsitting


For my daughter, I made the gathered bodice and sleeve option and trimmed the sleeves and hem with lace.  Thankfully, hers ended up being a little more roomy, so she might be able to wear it a bit longer.  Also, with the gathers, I could potentially let it out a bit for next year rather than remake the bodice.

gstanding gsitting

Both gowns button down the back and have one large sewn-in snap securing the waistband.


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