Even at the best of times I’ve had a difficult time managing my website.  Now that I’m doing very little of anything other than taking care of infant twins, I find that I need to work on simplifying things yet again.  Towards that end, I’ve merged my craft blog with this main blog page to my website and deleted all of the old, separate blogs that I’d started out with.

The one thing that will remain separate will be my book review blog, since that is so vastly different in scope from my craft and sewing/costuming endeavors.

I’ve also made peace with the fact that I may never get the dress diaries from my old site transferred over to this blog format.  I’ll leave the link up to the old site, but from here on out, I’m just moving forward with the “new” format.

Unfortunately, this does not mean I’m going to have fantastic new content for you anytime soon.  My approach to costuming right now is to find events to attend for which I already have a costume.  I may attempt one or two new pieces this year, but I’m not setting my heart on any of them, and certainly not thinking of trying to make an entirely new outfit.  (Okay, those of you know me know I’ll “plan” a project, but it’s just unlikely to actually happen.)

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