The Blue Challenge

photo 3The Challenge: Blue Color Challenge

Fabric: Printed rayon, cotton

Pattern: Decades of Style Kitchenette Pajamas

Year: 1930’s

Notions: seam binding

How historically accurate is it? The pattern is based on a vintage pattern.  I did not chose my fabrics with accuracy in mind, as I don’t intend to wear these to a specific event, but rather to over night events where I will want something to lounge around in for the evenings.

Hours to complete: 5

First worn: Last night.

Total cost: Completely made from stash fabric.


What I loved: the pattern is super straight forward and simple to put together.  Plus, I didn’t really need anything other than the fabric itself–no buttons, hooks, zippers, etc.  The fit is awesome–a little small on me right now, but I purposely made this one size too small expecting to lose a little weight soon.  Oh, and it has pockets!

What I changed: I shortened the printed part of the trousers by almost two inches, since I’m only 5’3″ and don’t expect to wear this with heels as sown in the pattern illustration.  I was surprised at how short they actually ended up…I really will ONLY be able to wear these with flats.  (I know, I know…measure twice, cut once.)  I’ll probably still shorten the pant legs next time I make the pattern again, but not by quite so much.  Anyone taller than me may actually need to ADD length.

What I didn’t like: The neckline treatment.  I always have issues using store bought seam binding, but I always gravitate back to it for convenience.  Unfortunately, it really just doesn’t work for the neckline here, which I should have known–after all, there’s a reason why modern patterns use a shaped facing for necklines.  I was able to press it into submission, but it still doesn’t lay as flat as I’d like.

Oh, and the armscye was too tight on me, but that’s normal.  I have large arms.  I just dropped the bottom edge a bit to give me a bit more space.

photo 4


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