The Dreaded “P” Word

Yep.  I’m gonna say it.  Polyester.

Even as a costuming hack, I don’t use polyester for entire garments anymore.  I will admit to having used it in the past.  This one time I found an absolutely stunning heavy poly satin that was from a designer’s remnants.  Eventually, it became this dress, which was really exquisite (especially once it was ironed).

For the most part, I’ve abandoned such practices.  I tend to stay away from synthetic fabrics because they tend to be rather obviously synthetic and rather warm to wear, which when I am wearing that many layers, I really try not to roast myself alive and provide myself with nice breathable fabrics.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that I never use synthetic fabrics.

I was at the fabric store recently to purchase some muslin.  It’s a common lament among costumers that the quality of readily available muslin has seriously deteriorated in the past decade or so.  I was one of those lamenters as I perused the shelves…I could either purchase something cheaply only to have it practically fall apart while trying to mock up a garment, or pay an arm and a leg for fabric that would ultimately be discarded.

I ended up stumbling upon a fabric that was wonderfully crisp and sturdy–a poly/cotton blend.  And you know what?

I bought it.

And I USED it!

Not just for that mock up I was working on.  It recently became the hem facing on the naturalform skirt I’m working on.  I’ve even pleated up a bunch of it to use as a balayeuse once I get all the trim attached to the skirt.

Want to know why?

Because I’m a hack!

Oh, and because it is the perfect weight and hand for the job.  It gives stability to the hem of a rather thin fabric, making the train behave properly.

And no one will see it.  And even if they do, who could tell.  No one is going to set fire to me in order to do a burn test.

Okay, okay.  You now know.  And I know.  And how can I sleep at night/live with myself/etc.?  Quite easily, actually.  You should try it.

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