When Given a Chance

IMG_1588I almost never made this dress.  While I absolutely love Decades of Style patterns, the “Given a Chance” dress didn’t really speak to me.  As a larger sized woman, I had that little inkling that the dress would not be flattering, no matter how adorable it was looking on everyone else.

I almost never bought this fabric.  While I love the design, especially as one of the more subtle “character” fabrics that Joann’s carried this summer, I just didn’t know what I would do with it.

But then, the two ideas gelled in my mind.  The pattern and the fabric were perfect for each other.

Of course, by the time I put two and two together, the fabric had been discontinued and I had to hunt down a store that still had at least three yards.  Thankfully, their website makes that easier now; though, as a side note, their count was off…the store I went to was supposed to have four yards left, but only had just barely three.

IMG_1586I decided to test out the pattern with leftover fabric from my blue challenge…it would be something I could actually wear, but if I ended up not liking it,it was no great loss.

I’m not going to lie…at first, I hated it.  I had one of those moments looking in the mirror where your clothes stop lying to you about what you really look like.  Since having the twins, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight, but I’m usually pretty good about masking that fact, at least to myself.  This dress just doesn’t do that for me.

Eventually, I decided to go ahead and take it along to Costume College with me.  I got a narrow belt for it, which improved the look greatly.  It ended up being one of those dresses that is just so easy to wear that I want to slip into it all the time.

One thing you may want to think about, though, if you are going to make this up, is fabric choice.  The yoke is lined, so you want to chose something fairly light.  For this version, the body fabric is rayon,which drapes beautifully and moves well, but it also shows every curve, which is what I didn’t like about the dress at first.  My second version is out of a quilter-type cotton, and while the drape isn’t as nice, I feel it does a better job of skimming the curves rather than hugging them.


Version 2.0

Version 2.0

I’m so glad I went ahead and made version two.  THIS was my vision.  I had been so worried about how fat I felt in the first version and was concerned that the heavier cotton would make me feel even worse, that I almost didn’t make it at all.  I’d even started looking for other patterns that I might be able to use for the fabric.

The finished dress, however, ended up being more flattering than the first.  Because the cotton hangs in straighter lines, it skims my curves rather than showing every single one.  (Also, I may have take just one tiny step toward accepting my body the way it is right now and simply wearing what makes me feel pretty, and wearing an exploding Tardis dress makes me feel pretty.)

Oh, and the yoke fabric on this one is left over from the back of the teddy bear quilts I made for the twins.  After making the quilts and two toddler pillow covers, I had about a 36″ by 12″ piece left, which was just enough for the yoke.


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    • Aunt Toots on August 14, 2015 at 1:54 pm
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    I like both versions. In the pictures you can’t tell one hangs differently than the other. Love them!

    • Aunt Toots on August 14, 2015 at 1:54 pm
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    I like both of them. In the pictures you can’t tell one hands differently than the other. I think they are both great!

    • Kim on August 15, 2015 at 9:13 am
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    Your color and pattern choices in the second dress really make a difference. Is it the lighter color on top that helps? Nice second chance.

  1. I love the exploding Tardis version! I just made this dress in an R2D2 print, and in one of the Alexander Henry buff men prints and I love them.

    I found I needed to size down from the body measurements given on the pattern envelope, the first version was too big, so I just went for the version that matched my measurements according to the finished measurements and it was a perfect fit!

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