Addicted to Decades

I kind of can’t get enough of these Decades of Style patterns right now.  Last weekend, I decided to make up the 1930’s Stardust skirt.  I was in a bit of a rush to just get it done, so I literally just threw it together in a couple of hours.  While I do love the finished skirt, but the next time I make it, I’m going to take the time to sew contrasting piping in the front seams.  Without something there, you really can’t see the lines of the skirt.  For now,I’m don’t have any other fabric on hand that I want to use for this pattern, so I think it will go on the back burner.


In the meantime, I have some new Doctor Who fabric that I’ve been mulling over for a week trying to decide what I want to make.  I have enough for a simple dress, but no dress patterns that I particularly want to fuss with in order to get something that fits well.  (I have a lot of problems fitting modern dress patterns up top and prefer to have separates that I can pair up with knit tops.)

Well, I just had a bit of a lightbulb come on that I could make one more Given A Chance dress, but lengthen it to be a maxi.  I think I’ll let that idea simmer this week and then go to the fabric store to get a nice contrasting fabric for the yoke next weekend.

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