The cool weather has started to arrive, though we seem to still have some hot weather in the forecast.  I am a typical Californian (or perhaps stereotypical) in that I feel completely justified in complaining about our weather extremes even though our temperatures are always moderate in comparison with the rest of the country (and most of the rest of our state).

And yet, I’m also a costumer, which means that I will don multiple layers of clothing that cover much of my body even in the most extreme heat.

Of course, the trick is natural fibers and loose fit.  This knowledge has helped me immensely as, over the past couple of years, my personal style has become more covered.  Lately, I tend to prefer long, loose skirts that are mostly cotton or linen, paired with knit tops that can be layered with a long-sleeved shell in the winter.

This trend seems to also be working out with my new scarf collection.  I’ve tended to invest in scarves that are lighter weight in breathable fibers, rather than the heavier pashminas.  While I do have a few pashminas, which I’m sure I’ll be grateful for when the weather gets really cold, it’s nice to have all of these lighter scarves that I can start to play around with layering now that the weather is starting to cool just a bit.

I’m also realizing the value of variegated scarves like this signature scarf from Wrapunzel which, even though it is a pashmina, can be worn alone but still look wonderfully layered and vibrant.


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