On a Spiritual Journey

As I’ve started this whole hair covering journey, I’ve connected with a couple of wonderfully supportive and inclusive communities online, which has really helped immensely.  I recently got to thinking at it might also be nice to connect specifically with othe Christian women who cover their hair.

I really should have known what I would find.  The Christian websites were very full of religion rather than relationship.  As I dug a little deeper, I was surprised to discover that my rationale for covering actually aligned so much better with Pagan woman than with Christians.  Why is that?  I do still consider myself a Christian woman, and I really do feel that covering is part of my spiritual journey, but maybe that’s the issue.

Websites giving a Christian rationale for covering are so focused on justifying the practice as a religious law (meaning you are sinning if you don’t fall in line with this obscure teaching) that they fail to address the spirituality of it at all (how does it draw me into a closer relationship with God, my Maker).  By making it a law that must be followed (“or else…”), they miss the most powerful part of the practice.

Other Christian websites argue against the practice, but do so in a way that is just as inflammatory, aiming to discredit denominations that are insisting on hair coverings.  They add to the divisiveness and leave no room for someone like me.

On the contrary, Pagan women seem to have tapped into the spiritual aspect quite readily.  They recognize that wrapping can be empowering as well as an act of devotion.  AND they recognize that it is not part of everyone’s spiritual journey.

And so here I am, yet again, perplexed by a Church that is so far from what it should be that it only serves to alienate rather than draw people in, a church that is so focused on either law or grace that there is no room for personal experience and relationship.

I suppose that even this frustration is part of that personal journey for me.  It took doing this research for me to realize what I would say to other Christian women about why I cover.

As a Christian woman, I cover because the wrap is a constant reminder that I am a sinner covered by God’s grace.  I’ve spent much of my life, quite honestly, being far too judgmental of those around me.  I need this reminder that I am flawed, have been forgiven much, and should never presume to treat anyone else with anything other than the same grace I have received from above.  I feel closer to God and more confident in myself.

Not everyone needs this practice to feel closer to God and more confident in herself.  It’s simply something that I was searching for, and wrapping has fulfilled that hope at a time when I felt very hopeless.  I do, however, think that we could all benefit from anything that might help us be more loving (and, dare I say, more Christ-like) toward each other, whatever that may be.


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