When trim can make all the difference…


It’s funny how trim really can make all the difference between loving and despising the end results of all our efforts.

I’ll admit…I had a really bad moment with this project once all the major sewing was finished.  I put the skirt and bodice on my dressform and nearly cried–it was just so boring.

Thankfully, a friend talked me down and helped me go through my stash to see what I had in the way of trimming and brainstorm some ideas for what to use and how to apply it.  Unfortunately, this fashion fabric has been a bit tricky to match up with a complimentary trim, so I did actually have to go out and buy some fabric.  (I had some velveteen in the absolutely perfect burnt orange color, but I was concerned about the velveteen weighting down an already very heavy skirt.  I somehow managed to stumble across a poly satin drapery fabric in the exact same color to use instead.)

Now, I am absolutely loving the results.

Oh, and as a side note on the patterns, I used the Truly Victorian can can skirt and 1890’s evening bodice.  The skirt pattern calls for seven yards of fabric, but you don’t actually use much of the width.  I only had seven yards of this fabric and ended up with plenty left over along the selvege edge to cut the bodice from.  In fact, because I shortened the skirt, I ended up with about a yard left over, but didn’t need to use that part at all for the bodice.  The sleeves come from Hunnisett’s Period Costumes for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Women’s Dress 1800-1909. 


Main fabric: From stash–synthetic brocade
Trim fabric: Purchased for this project
Gold trim: Purchased for this project
Petticoat fabric: Purchased for this project
Beaded trim: From stash

More pictures coming soon.  Hemming is currently in progress and closures still need to be attached to the bodice.  I’ll be wearing the finished gown to an event this upcoming Saturday.

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  1. Definitely without the trim this would look not so good but now its look awesome.

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