CoBloWriMo Day 4: Favorite Era

It seems like one of the first, and most frequent questions I get as a costumer is “What is your favorite time period?”

It’s a simple enough question, but so difficult to answer.  Most of the time, I demure and simply say that I’m a “Jill of all eras, master of none” although that’s not quite true.  I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve gotten better and more prolific in some eras.

Mid-Victorian is one of those eras, though that’s mostly because I have far more opportunities to wear these dresses.

For a similar reason, I’ve made quite a few 18th century costumes, although it hasn’t been until my most recent quilted petticoat and jacket that I feel I’ve started to become more historically accurate for this time period.

But, when I think about the question seriously–which dresses do I really have the most fun planning and constructing–I’d have to say that my current favorite is the naturalform silhouette.

*Note: There’s a dress missing from both my mid-Victorian section and my 18th century section.  I couldn’t readily find a picture of either dress without other people in the photos.  Also, I’ve put the photos in the order in which I constructed them so that you can see the progression as I honed my craft.

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