A New Mid-Victorian Corset

Sorry I don’t have any finished photos, but they aren’t on my computer yet, and the in-progress photos really don’t do this pattern justice.  This is the 1860’s Gored Corset from Redthreaded, and it is gorgeous.  Based on my measurements, I purchased the XXL.  I ended up not having as much gap as I wanted, but the fit in the front was absolutely spot on, so I removed nearly two inches from the back panel and then reattached the lacing strips.  I have a feeling that if I had sized down, the cups would not have fit properly (I’m a D, sometimes DD) and that the hips would not have flared enough for my figure, so I’m definitely happy on that end and think the slight modification was worth having a fantastic fit.

This is before I removed the lacing strips and took out part of the back panel. Because the back panel is so narrow now, I do not have the diagonal boning.

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