Tissot Times Two

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been working on making a new early bustle dress for myself in which to attend the Tissot exhibit at the Legion of Honor. At nearly the last minute (well, the weekend before), I decided to make a dress for my daughter as well, since my friend would bringing her daughter.

We had an amazing time with our friends, though my daughter was certainly all photographed-out by the end of our day.

Since I didn’t blog throughout, I’ll just run through key details about dresses.

Fabric: About 12+ yards of cotton voile that I purchased in the LA fashion district maybe eight years ago. Muslin for lining.

Bustle: I made the trained bustle from LaughingMoon#112, which I now LOVE after wearing for the day. Very helpful for managing the train.

Underskirt: Truly Victorian #208 made up without the apron. It’s the B length but made up without the pleating and bustling, which I didn’t intend to do, so the train is longer than I’d meant to make it. For my next wearing, I’ll either bustle it to take up some of the length, or cut it down the length it should be for view A.

Bodice/Polonaise: Truly Victorian #410. I did my usual modification to shorten the back and take out the excess fold where a modern shirt would have a bust dart. I probably could have used a bit more taking in here and there, but I was in a rush. I shortened the sleeves, but realize now I was a bit overzealous. In my concern over trailing sleeves in my food, I ended up with the pleat in the back of the sleeve hitting too far above my elbow, which made me feel like I needed to keep pulling the sleeves down all day. In future, I’ll only take length from the bottom part of the sleeve.

Belt: A beautiful striped ribbon with picot edges purchased from a vendor at Costume College a couple of years ago.

Hat: Purchased from Mela Hoyt-Heydon at Costume College two years ago.

Girl’s Dress: Truly Victorian #600 made up in a size 5. I shortened this by cutting the hem on the size 3 line and it was still far too long for a girl my daughter’s age. I’m wondering if when TV graded the pattern, they simply kept the length the same for all of the sizes. At any rate, there’s a good 3-4 inches in the hem that can be let out later, which works because even the size 5 is a little large on my small-for-her-age six-year-old. She is wearing a chemise and drawers I made her a few years ago, and I winged a petticoat for her, but I think I might eventually make a little bustle to go with this as well.

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