The Lengberg Castle Brassiere

My foundation garment for my late medieval/early Tudor costume is done. It is by no means perfect, but it is certainly functional, and I’m quite proud that it is entirely handsewn, including all the eyelets.

My version of the Lengberg Castle Brassiere, plus one of my helper cats. The other helper cat is probably under the skirt, which is her favorite hiding place anytime I have a gown on my dressform.

I’m not going to post an entire how-to, as there are others who have done this better than I, so I’ll just point you to them.


Katafalk: Lengberg Castle Brassiere (I wish I had paid more attention to the shapes of her pattern pieces. I think it would have given a better fit than what I came up with myself.)
Agatha’s Underwear (Beautiful lace inset in this one.)
In Pursuit of Medieval Excellence (Good pictures and descriptions of the original brassiere found at the Lengberg castle as well as period artwork that depicts similar garments.)

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