When I was growing up and complained to my mother that I was bored, so always quipped, “Only boring people get bored!”

I quickly learned to keep myself busy.

I ended up doing a lot of reading.  My interest in literature eventually led me to a career in teaching English.  I’ve taught all levels of secondary school English and have even taught a few informal classes to adults.  Thankfully, reading all those terrible middle school essays has not burnt me out on reading in general, and I still love a good novel.  One aspect of my website is, therefore, devoted to talking about the books I read.

Of course, a creative life cannot survive on books alone.  Again in an effort to keep my young hands busy, my mother taught me how to sew almost before I knew how to read.  In recent years, this has taken root as an intense interest in historical costume recreation. A good portion of this website is devoted to documenting the work that I do in creating these outfits.

Unfortunately, sewing is a particularly solitary activity, and when I got married, I found that it was difficult to retreat to my sewing room without feeling like I was abandoning my husband.  My craft interests then expanded to include crochet and knitting, which are activities I can easily do while snuggled on the couch with my family.


  1. I remember hearing that you were a fan of microfiber velvet, due to such properties as not needing a needleboard and that it can be tossed into the washing machine. Do you have any favorite online stores where it can be procured? I’m also curious if there is any place that it willing to sell samples.

    Thank you,

    1. Yes Saraquill, I do love microfiber velvet. It can be a bit pricey, at least for my budget, so I try to plan ahead and pick some up when I’m in LA once a year. When pressed for time, I’ll use a coupon to pick some up at Joann’s, but I’ve noticed that the quality isn’t as good; it tends to pill on the back, so if I do use it, I make sure that the garment is going to be completely lined.

      I don’t use it for entire garments, just accents, and I only use it for costumes that don’t get a whole lot of wear. So, I’m not sure how well the material would hold up in the long run. Considering how finicky rayon velvet can be (and silk for that matter), I like to think that my costumes are holding up better than if I’d used another option.

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