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May 08

The Making of a Scottish Kertch

Eventually, I’ll write a post about this whole project, but for now, I figured I’d at least post a bit about the head covering I’m wearing to my next event. Before I’d even thought about what I’d be doing with my hair, a friend mentioned that many married Scottish women continued to wear a kind …

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Mar 07

Scroop Patterns: Fantail Skirt

As someone who sews fairly regularly, it’s incredibly exciting and honoring to be asked to become part of someone’s pattern making process.  I can’t often take up the call for pattern testers due to my schedule as a full-time teacher and mom of twins, but for once, everything seemed to line up and I got …

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Oct 11

When trim can make all the difference…

It’s funny how trim really can make all the difference between loving and despising the end results of all our efforts. I’ll admit…I had a really bad moment with this project once all the major sewing was finished.  I put the skirt and bodice on my dressform and nearly cried–it was just so boring. Thankfully, …

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Sep 06

A New Space

The past year has been quite a whirlwind.  What started as a bathroom renovation soon expanded to the kitchen and eventually ended with our house on the market.  I spent Presidents’ Week moving out of our house and into and apartment, and then Memorial weekend moving out of the apartment and into our new house. …

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Aug 25

I’m sewing again!

Just a quick drive-by post to let you know that I’m actually sewing again.  We are all settled in our new house, the sewing room is all set up for the most part, and I’ve got tickets for an event! Currently, I’m making a set of closed drawers.  The goal is to eventually make a …

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May 19

Girl With a Pearl Earring

I haven’t been able to do any sewing or creating in several months as we’ve been in the process of selling our home and buying a new one.  My one creative outlet has been my hair wrapping.  Today, my hobbies merge! To give a little background, the group I follow where I get the majority …

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Dec 13

Discernment vs. Judgment

Growing up as a fundamentalist Christian, I spent most of my younger years being very judgmental, with the nobel goal of being “in the world but not of it” and trying to help others “see the light.”  I had to live my life to very high standards and, by golly, so should everyone else.  I …

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Oct 25

On a Spiritual Journey

As I’ve started this whole hair covering journey, I’ve connected with a couple of wonderfully supportive and inclusive communities online, which has really helped immensely.  I recently got to thinking at it might also be nice to connect specifically with othe Christian women who cover their hair. I really should have known what I would …

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Sep 30

Teaching as an Introvert

Today during lunch, I was thinking about why I don’t join the other teachers in the staff cafeteria. When I was in my teaching program, our professors warned us away from hanging out in the teachers’ lounge or in the staff cafeteria.  They explained that a lot of negative complaining goes on in those places …

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Sep 16


The cool weather has started to arrive, though we seem to still have some hot weather in the forecast.  I am a typical Californian (or perhaps stereotypical) in that I feel completely justified in complaining about our weather extremes even though our temperatures are always moderate in comparison with the rest of the country (and …

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