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Finished the back of the Aragon Tunic tonight and am about to start the front.  I just love the little touches so far.  Example: the neck opening and top of the shoulders are slightly shorter to draw in the top of the tunic.  As a seamstress, I realize that this will pull everything towards the …

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PADD Rears its Head

Okay, so I got distacted.  Who wouldn’t?  The new issue of Interweave Crochet arrived, coinciding with a trip to the Walnut Creek Joann’s, which has the best selection of yarn out of all the Bay Area Joann’s stores.  I couldn’t resist. Okay, so I could have just gone home after a disappointing yarn search at …

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Yay for Motivation!

I’m terrible about finishing projects, but after starting this blog yesterday, I figured I’d better get my butt in gear on wrapping up some of these loose ends.  (Literally, many of my Victorian collars simply need the loose threads woven in and blocking.) So, when I got home from work this afternoon, I sat down …

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Beginnings…sort of

I originally started my website to post dress diaries for my costuming hobby and book reviews for my reading addiction.  Of course, I pick up new hobbies like they are going out of style, and have recently returned to crochet and, shortly after, taught myself to knit.  It has been incredibly addictive. So, I’ve decided …

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Other Ren Garb

A few other costumes I made for various Ren Faires.

Elizabethan Doublet

A Doublet for my brother.

Early Italian Gown

My early Italian Renaissance gown…more fantasy than history, but it was oh, so fun to wear!

Elizabethan Noble Woman

One of my very early attempts at a noble costume…can’t you tell? Blue Noble Gown