Category: Crochet

Jan 27

A New Beret

I love my old beret that I made years ago, but it’s a tad on the small side when I’m wearing my hair up, which is all the time now.  I was hoping to use this same pattern this time around, but I couldn’t find the magazine that it was from, so I opted for …

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Jan 25

Because I can’t JUST watch TV

I like to have one or two projects laying around that I can pick up while I’m watching TV.  During the early part of 2017, I was working on my quilted petticoat, and while I’d still like to add some detail to that, I’ve been much more in the mood for something simple. So, I’ve …

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Feb 19

Changing Gears

So, the event that I was to wear my bustle dress to was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. The result was that I sort of lost steam on it, which is sort of ridiculous since I’m so close to having it finished. On the other hand, I really need to get started on a …

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Dec 30

My Kind of Couch Potato

Today was a pajama day.  I didn’t really plan for it to be that way, but since I didn’t plan anything else, that’s sort of just what it became. Of course, spending the day on the couch in my pajamas doesn’t really mean the same thing for me that it means for many other people; …

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Dec 29


In order to get over my disappointment with the Helena jacket, I went yarn shopping and picked up some yarn for a few projects that have been on the back burner for some time. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the shop workers to wind the ONE skein I purchased that was not pre-wound.  It would …

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Dec 21

So Frustrated

So, the Helena Jacket has been proceeding nicely, but I have reached that critical point where I’m far enough along to realize that I’m really not going to have enough yarn.  Now, I have more yardage than the pattern calls far, even taking into account the size, so I’m pretty frustrated right now. Other than …

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Dec 19

Vacation Crafting

So, I’m on the road again, but I can’t go anywhere without my yarn. I’ve got the sweater I’m making for my mom, the Helena Jacket.  The back is nearly finished, but I realized after I was already miles away from home that I hadn’t brought a tape measure.  So far, I’ve managed to just …

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Dec 13


So, I was a very good little sick girl today and not only went to work, but also came home early and headed straight out to my sewing room.  It was time to tackle the back pleats! OMG! I hadn’t realized last night just how small a space you have to pleat the entire back …

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Dec 01

Let it Snow

I’ve been a snowflake crocheting machine lately.  Well, okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but there is only so much teeny crocheting you can do in one evening without your hands falling off.  At first I was thinking I was going to make a bunch of snowflake Christmas ornaments as gifts for some of my younger …

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Nov 25


Mom was given quite a bit of yarn recently and has been asking if I have ideas for what to do with some of these smaller quantities of yarn.  I keep telling her that they are perfect amounts for knitting, and while I distinctly remember seeing her knit when I was a child, she seems …

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