Category: Knitting

Jan 25

Because I can’t JUST watch TV

I like to have one or two projects laying around that I can pick up while I’m watching TV.  During the early part of 2017, I was working on my quilted petticoat, and while I’d still like to add some detail to that, I’ve been much more in the mood for something simple. So, I’ve …

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May 02

18th Century Fiddling

So, I’m still plugging away on my cousin’s wedding dress.  I feel guilty anytime I’m working on other stuff right now, which is why I haven’t been updating much. I did manage to start knitting a pinball.  It’s pretty fiddly, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.  The only annoyance is that it …

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Apr 17

Single Sock Syndrome

I finished the first Ariel sock earlier this week, and then completely lost motivation to work on its twin.  This is why I need to learn how to knit two at a time. Oh, well.  I’m sure that I’ll regain my motivation as soon as I start on some other project.  Funny how that works.

Apr 13

One Step Forward…

Today was just one of those days.  I spent quite of bit of time working on my Ariel sock only to have to unknit nearly a dozen rows.  The foot just seemed to be turning out too long, and with at least another twenty or so rows to knit to decrease the toe, I decided …

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Apr 04

Should I feel flattered or offended?

So, in all my excitement, I wore my sapphire tunic to work today. I got absolutely no compliments. Part of me wants to think that people just assumed that I’d purchased it, and isn’t that sort of the ultimate goal…to make things NOT look all “happy hands at home”?  In that case, I should be …

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Apr 03

Sapphire Tunic: Evidence

  I’m loving this tunic, and with the kind of weather we’ve been having right now, it’s sort of perfect.  I can wear it with just a tank top underneath or with a long sleeve shirt.  Of course, it looks like tomorrow will be a sort of in between day, but since I run a …

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Apr 02

Fitting Scare

The sapphire tunic is so incredibly close to being done.  In fact, it would have been finished today if I hadn’t completely worn myself out in the morning. I finished the back piece a couple of days ago and seamed the shoulders.  While working on that, I had a sudden moment of panic as I …

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Mar 29

Mistake or Personalization

I drive an older car that needs a bit of TLC in the winter, so as I get ready to leave for work on these cold mornings, I make sure I have a simple project to work on that I can put down again after just a few minutes. My current sock project is perfect …

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Mar 27

Socks…the knitting world equivalent of instant gratification

With tons of UFO’s accumulating by the side of my bed, I have started yet another project–a pair of socks. I just can’t help myself. So, what do I love so much about sock knitting? 1. I almost don’t really consider them a real project, as they go so much faster than any of the …

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Mar 24

Blame it on the iPad

I’ve been inexcusably remiss in posting for, oh, well over a month.  It isn’t that I haven’t been doing anything crafty…it’s that I got an iPad.  And I thought Facebook was a time drain! But I think things have leveled off a bit, and I’m finding a balance. So, what have you missed? My latest …

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