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Post CoCo Sewing Spree

Strangely, after working all summer on this:                           I came home from Costume College and still wanted to sew.  Usually, I’m so burnt out at this point that I can’t stand the thought of sewing.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I’ve jumped straight …

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A Last Bit of Hand Stitching

Both dresses are completely finished, including all the hand stitching.  I did both the hem and the sleeve finishing by hand as well as whip stitching the seam allowance on either side of the zippers.  Here are the results:

Squidgy fabric vs. The Serger…or, that’s not where I put those gathers!

The button dress I’ve been working on recently doesn’t have a whole lot of gathering.  Just a slight bit in the back and in the front.  No problem, right?  I’ve been doing this sort of thing for years.  I can handle a few measly gathers.  After sewing the waist seams, I was a little miffed …

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A Photo Update

Dontcha love these kinds of updates.  If only I had the energy to do them everyday. First, the progress on my pinwheel beret. And then, the top portion of my 1930’s button dress. Front: Back:

Getting it right…the size, that is.

Well, my plans from the previous post didn’t quite work out as I’d planned.  Even with the modifications I wanted to make, which would help cut back on the amount of fabric needed, I still didn’t have enough yardage. The back up dress idea ended up falling through because the pattern was completely the wrong …

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Modern Costuming

My next sewing project is going to cross genres a bit; the pattern is a costume version of a WWII era dress, but I’m making it out of pretty modern looking fabric and possibly wearing it to my brother’s wedding. The fabric has been washed and is ready to cut out.  I’ve even got the …

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