Category: Sixteenth Century and Earlier

The Lengberg Castle Brassiere

My foundation garment for my late medieval/early Tudor costume is done. It is by no means perfect, but it is certainly functional, and I’m quite proud that it is entirely handsewn, including all the eyelets. I’m not going to post an entire how-to, as there are others who have done this better than I, so …

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Planning Stage: Medieval

I’ve had ideas for a late Medieval/Early Tudor gown percolating in my head for a few years now. It started with the Costume College theme several years ago with a focus on bringing literary characters to life. While this should have been right up my ally, I ended up a bit paralyzed with choice. One …

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Other Ren Garb

A few other costumes I made for various Ren Faires.

Elizabethan Doublet

A Doublet for my brother.

Early Italian Gown

My early Italian Renaissance gown…more fantasy than history, but it was oh, so fun to wear!

Elizabethan Noble Woman

One of my very early attempts at a noble costume…can’t you tell? Blue Noble Gown