Category: My Twins

Just a Quick Update

Well, you know, I always have great intentions not only to do more sewing, but also to update this blog more frequently, but with the twins…yeah, that just isn’t going to happen anytime soon. However, I am getting little bits and bobbles done here and there that I should at least show off a bit. …

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Mini Crib Bumpers

In an effort to get my sewing room clean enough to actually work on some Costume College preparations, I decided that the first task was to finally finish making bumpers for the twins mini cribs.  Of course, nowadays, infants are not supposed to have bumpers because they increase the risk of SIDS, but when the …

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Sewing for Babies!

Of course, having the twins means I have VERY little time to sew, but I did manage to whip up a couple of little outfits for them for Dickens Fair this year. I used Elizabeth Stewart Clark’s Infant Gowns pattern and absolutely loved it.  I think for next year I’ll go ahead and get the …

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