Category: Nineties

Oct 11

When trim can make all the difference…

It’s funny how trim really can make all the difference between loving and despising the end results of all our efforts. I’ll admit…I had a really bad moment with this project once all the major sewing was finished.  I put the skirt and bodice on my dressform and nearly cried–it was just so boring. Thankfully, …

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Sep 06

A New Space

The past year has been quite a whirlwind.  What started as a bathroom renovation soon expanded to the kitchen and eventually ended with our house on the market.  I spent Presidents’ Week moving out of our house and into and apartment, and then Memorial weekend moving out of the apartment and into our new house. …

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Aug 25

I’m sewing again!

Just a quick drive-by post to let you know that I’m actually sewing again.  We are all settled in our new house, the sewing room is all set up for the most part, and I’ve got tickets for an event! Currently, I’m making a set of closed drawers.  The goal is to eventually make a …

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Mar 20

Anne of Green Gables Tea

I had a wonderful time at the GBACG Anne of Green Gables Tea.  Thanks to some last minute sewing and a borrowed shirtwaist, I actually had something to wear. That said, I’ve added a page for the outfit.  I apologize that there aren’t a whole lot of details about construction and such, but between how …

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