Dress Diaries

Rather than redoing all of the existing dress diaries, I’ve decided to leave those pages as is and just link to them here.

Of course, there are also some things I’ve made that have gotten short shrift in the problems I’ve been having with my website.  I’ll try to at least post something cursory about them.

Now that I have this blog up and running, I’ll be adding all future dress diaries here.

Anne of Green Gables

Yet again, I found myself doing deadline sewing for an event that came up very quickly on my calendar, but missing this event was NOT an option. A friend and I had been throwing around the idea of putting together an Anne-inspired event for a couple of years, but had never managed to get around …

Winter Wonderland Bustle

I know I’ve been incredibly remiss about posting dress diaries. Hopefully, those of you who keep up with my work also read my LiveJournal or my craft blog, which is where I do most of my updating. I started this project with a new corset. Actually, let me amend that statement a little: I started a …

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