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Plans for 2015

This year my plans have been inspired both by the GBACG calendar and the Historical Sew Monthly challenge.  Additionally, there are a few costumes I’d like to plan specifically for Costume College.  When I look at this list I am entirely overwhelmed and know that I have bitten off far more than I can chew, but wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to accomplish even a portion of it?


Entire Outfits:

1930’s Kitchenette Pajamas

Paisley 1860’s semi-sheer dress, bonnet, and belt.  Possibly a petticoat as well.

Edwardian white gown.

Naturalform evening gown.

Capitol Costume (inspired by Hunger Games)

Mourning gown and bonnet/hat (undecided era)

Mid-Victorian wrapper

Bits and Baubles:

Transitional Stays (1790’s)

Regency Pelisse

1890’s knitted shawl

Early bustle bonnet/hat


Eventually, I’ll be adding a few more things if I’m going to also complete the Historical Sew Monthly challenges, but I just haven’t decided on all of those yet.



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