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Jul 23

Follow up

I wore the Aragon Tunic for the first time today and have some updates on how it has turned out. First off, it is so incredibly comfortable and cute.  The yarn is so nice (Lyndon Hill by Bristol Yarn Gallery).  My only issue at this point is still with the belt.  Blocking didn’t help the …

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Jul 17

Fitting Issues

Don’t let the title worry you too much; as you can see in the yesterday’s pictures, the Aragon Tunic is fitting just fine.  The issue is the belt.  Thankfully, I have enough sewing experience to have some ideas for how to change patterns to fit my body type.  It also means that I have enough …

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Jul 15

Coming Together

I love that stage in a project where random fabric pieces finally start looking like a wearable garment.  I tried on the Aragon Tunic this evening, and it is looking fabulous!  I really wish I could finish it tonight, but that just isn’t going to happen.  I could easily finish the tunic itself–there’s just the …

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Jul 10

Aragon Tunic Front Finished

This means that the majority of the work is done, right?  Of course, it is the more tedious part that is left. First, I must say that the pattern directions are rather stunning…perfectly amazing, actually.  They get a bit complicated, but if you take it slow and pay careful attention, you won’t have any problems.  …

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Jul 06


Finished the back of the Aragon Tunic tonight and am about to start the front.  I just love the little touches so far.  Example: the neck opening and top of the shoulders are slightly shorter to draw in the top of the tunic.  As a seamstress, I realize that this will pull everything towards the …

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Jul 04

PADD Rears its Head

Okay, so I got distacted.  Who wouldn’t?  The new issue of Interweave Crochet arrived, coinciding with a trip to the Walnut Creek Joann’s, which has the best selection of yarn out of all the Bay Area Joann’s stores.  I couldn’t resist. Okay, so I could have just gone home after a disappointing yarn search at …

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