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A Last Bit of Hand Stitching

Both dresses are completely finished, including all the hand stitching.  I did both the hem and the sleeve finishing by hand as well as whip stitching the seam allowance on either side of the zippers.  Here are the results:

A Photo Update

Dontcha love these kinds of updates.  If only I had the energy to do them everyday. First, the progress on my pinwheel beret. And then, the top portion of my 1930’s button dress. Front: Back:

Getting it right…the size, that is.

Well, my plans from the previous post didn’t quite work out as I’d planned.  Even with the modifications I wanted to make, which would help cut back on the amount of fabric needed, I still didn’t have enough yardage. The back up dress idea ended up falling through because the pattern was completely the wrong …

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