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Jul 16

Chemise a la Reine Upgrades

Okay, the pictures aren’t great, but I haven’t quite gotten my husband fully trained on how to take costume pictures.  I have to take some responsibility as well, since I didn’t double check his snapshots before rushing out the door. Just to recap, I made a new petticoat, the sash, bow, and ties.  (The sash, …

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Jul 14


Last weekend was the GBACG Petit Trianon event at the fabulous Bellevue Club in Oakland.  It was the perfect venue for the perfect event.  Due to some recent health issues, I decided to opt for my gown that is easiest to wear–the chemise a la reine.  However, it needed something to spiffy it up and …

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Jul 06

So Much Progress

And so few pictures. I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I know I suck at taking pictures, and even when I do, I don’t get them uploaded. But I swear–there really is progress happening in the Liao household! The heat has been absolutely terrible lately, so I haven’t been out in my sewing room as much as …

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Jul 03

A Costume is Never Finished

It’s funny how, as a costumer, I am often rushing to “finish” a costume for an event.  But, is an outfit ever “done”?  I don’t think of my modern clothes in those terms.  My modern wardrobe is constantly changing and adapting.  Pieces get added in, switched around, or passed on.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if …

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