Tag: Decades of Style

Sep 13

Addicted to Decades

I kind of can’t get enough of these Decades of Style patterns right now.  Last weekend, I decided to make up the 1930’s Stardust skirt.  I was in a bit of a rush to just get it done, so I literally just threw it together in a couple of hours.  While I do love the …

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Sep 12

Back to the sewing

Surprisingly, I’ve actually managed to make time for a little sewing here and there even though the school year has started back up. I made a couple of aprons for my kids.  The design needs a bit of tweaking as they are having a hard time keeping them on the shoulders, but I like the …

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Aug 14

When Given a Chance

I almost never made this dress.  While I absolutely love Decades of Style patterns, the “Given a Chance” dress didn’t really speak to me.  As a larger sized woman, I had that little inkling that the dress would not be flattering, no matter how adorable it was looking on everyone else. I almost never bought …

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Aug 12

Post CoCo Sewing Spree

Strangely, after working all summer on this:                           I came home from Costume College and still wanted to sew.  Usually, I’m so burnt out at this point that I can’t stand the thought of sewing.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I’ve jumped straight …

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Feb 13

The Blue Challenge

The Challenge: Blue Color Challenge Fabric: Printed rayon, cotton Pattern: Decades of Style Kitchenette Pajamas Year: 1930’s Notions: seam binding How historically accurate is it? The pattern is based on a vintage pattern.  I did not chose my fabrics with accuracy in mind, as I don’t intend to wear these to a specific event, but rather to over night events …

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Feb 01

Keeping the Momentum

The kids are down for their nap, but I don’t have a pattern yet for my next big project.  So, what do I do?  Start a different project. I’d been a little at a loss for the next Historical Sew Monthly challenge–Blue.  Of course, I love blue, but the next really big project needs to …

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