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Sew and Run

Well, I was still sewing the hem facing as of 8:30 a.m., but the dress is ready to wear for the shower this afternoon.  No, I didn’t stay up all night, but I was up until about 1:00 and still had almost an hour of sewing to do this morning. I would have been finished …

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Top: Done!

Well, mostly done, anyway.  I do still need to hand stitch the facings, but as I said before, I’m going to bring the bodice to work tomorrow and do that during my prep.  I did not, however, have time to get the skirt assembled. Instead, I went to visit a friend of mine who had …

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Getting Started AND My Latest Duro

Obviously, I haven’t updated my website in quite some time, other than my various blogs.  In an effort to get new content up quickly, I’m switching my dress diaries to a blog format.  I’ll still do formal write-ups for my costumes, giving them their own page so that all the information about that particular outfit …

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