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Aug 02

It’s looking like a…well…um…

The Summerland sweater still does not look like a sweater.  I’m getting very close to the point that the pattern says to cast on for the sleeves.  Only problem is that if I cast on at that point, this sweater is only going to reach slightly past my waist.  In the picture, the band of …

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Jul 25

The Spanish Moss Coat Finale

IT IS FINISHED! Yes, it is about time, too.  I knit the last few rows of trim on the drive to church this morning, and worked on the cast off on the drive home.  Once home, I wove in the last few ends, reinforced the buttonholes, and sewed on the buttons. Et voila! As you …

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Sep 29

Persistence WILL Pay Off

I’ve been making my own garments long enough to know that if I’m unhappy with the fit or look of something, I’m not going to ever wear it.  What a waste of all that work. So, it’s no surprise that now that I’ve taken up knitting, I absolutely don’t hesitate to frog my work.  I’ve …

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Jul 17

Fitting Issues

Don’t let the title worry you too much; as you can see in the yesterday’s pictures, the Aragon Tunic is fitting just fine.  The issue is the belt.  Thankfully, I have enough sewing experience to have some ideas for how to change patterns to fit my body type.  It also means that I have enough …

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