Tag: Green Winter Bustle

Jul 18

CoCo to do list

I guess it is about time I thought about all that still needs to be done in the next week or so before I leave for Costume College. Zone Make new sleeves. Add an additional lining and spiral boning to the front. Make cap Bustle Take in the bodice. Add boning. Change hat trimming. If …

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May 28

Little Fiddly Bits

I’m so close to finishing this outfit, but I’m running into a few obstacles. I did end up making cuffs for the bodice.  They are adorable, if I do say so myself.  Then, after sewing hooks and bars onto the skirt and overskirt, I decided that it was time to see the whole thing put …

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May 27

As Promised

So, here’s what I’ve been working on for most of the day: Hat parts covered with silk.   Hat parts assembled.   I’ve also been working on all the hand finishing on my bustle bodice.  I think I’m pretty much done, except that I haven’t added any boning yet.  Plus, I’m kind of thinking that …

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May 25

Sorry…no peeking.

I know, I know. I’ve been a terribly blogger lately. But there’s a very good reason, I promise. I’ve been working on my cousin’s wedding dress. Her wedding isn’t until next week, though, so you will all have to wait for pictures. (Unless, of course, you are my friend on LiveJournal. Sorry, folks, but that’s …

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Feb 22

Vacation Sewing

Day two of my week-long vacation, and I spent most of the day in my sewing room.  Yay! The first thing I tackled was finishing the flounce on my bustle underskirt.  (It was kind of necessary to take care of that first in order to start clearing off my cutting table.)  Since I won’t be …

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Feb 03

Itty Bitty Bits

Since my last post, I’ve completed, oh, maybe three rows on my shawl, a dozen or so rows on mom’s sweater, and about ten inches of pleats for my underskirt. woohoo I’m starting to realize that I need to pick up the pace, at least on the bustle outfit, if I’m going to be ready …

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Jan 24

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

I had what I hope will be my last fitting for the winter bustle outfit yesterday.  We had just a few (fixable) issues. 1. As I was getting dressed, I noticed that the shorter length of my underskirt now reveals the front of my bustle petticoat skirt.  Thankfully, the back is fine.  (It would have …

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Jan 22


My bustle bodice has reached the point where I really need to do another fitting before I can proceed.  I need to double check the bodice itself, and then I need to try on the sleeve mock up and make adjustments to that part of the pattern. So, since I had time to sew last …

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Jan 15

So Much to Report

First up, I did the first bodice fitting with my cousin for her wedding dress.  No pictures yet…it’s still so early in the process.  Still, we made some good progress.  The second mock up should fit much better and will be closer to the lines that she wants for the final dress. Despite having draped …

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Jan 09


So, my friend put a name to my crooked corset issue…she thinks my hips are uneven.  Not real great, but at least I have figured out why the busks of my Victorian corsets slant, no matter how careful I am in their construction.  I don’t think it is anything I need to worry about since …

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