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So Frustrated

So, the Helena Jacket has been proceeding nicely, but I have reached that critical point where I’m far enough along to realize that I’m really not going to have enough yarn.  Now, I have more yardage than the pattern calls far, even taking into account the size, so I’m pretty frustrated right now. Other than …

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Vacation Crafting

So, I’m on the road again, but I can’t go anywhere without my yarn. I’ve got the sweater I’m making for my mom, the Helena Jacket.  The back is nearly finished, but I realized after I was already miles away from home that I hadn’t brought a tape measure.  So far, I’ve managed to just …

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So, I was a very good little sick girl today and not only went to work, but also came home early and headed straight out to my sewing room.  It was time to tackle the back pleats! OMG! I hadn’t realized last night just how small a space you have to pleat the entire back …

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