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The Doldrums

I’m at that point in my two major projects when progress seems infinitesimal.  It doesn’t help that they are both projects that have naturally slow progress (at least for me); the Zarabel sweater is knit, which already slows me down, with lace panels and cable panels that slow me down a bit further; the Spanish …

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I realize that I haven’t posted in quite sometime but, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I have many crafts that I indulge in.  Most recently, I’ve been pulled away by a couple of major sewing projects as well as a new hobby–book making. It all started because I need more college credits to move …

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Narrowing down the UFO pile

So, I got the Dove Vest finished and delivered.  It’s pretty, but not something I’d wear myself.  I loved the stitch pattern though, so I’m kind of toying with the idea of trying to modify the pattern to better flatter my shape.  I probably won’t act on that thought, but I wouldn’t be opposed to …

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