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Squidgy fabric vs. The Serger…or, that’s not where I put those gathers!

The button dress I’ve been working on recently doesn’t have a whole lot of gathering.  Just a slight bit in the back and in the front.  No problem, right?  I’ve been doing this sort of thing for years.  I can handle a few measly gathers.  After sewing the waist seams, I was a little miffed …

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A Photo Update

Dontcha love these kinds of updates.  If only I had the energy to do them everyday. First, the progress on my pinwheel beret. And then, the top portion of my 1930’s button dress. Front: Back:

Small Projects

My Vogue stockings are finished for all intents and purposes.  I still have to experiment with the elastic in the ribbing to see if that will do or if I just want a ribbon to use as a garter, but the knitting itself is done.  They are very cute, however, with the current width of …

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