Tag: Red Rock Wrap

Jan 19

So Disappointed!

I put the finishing touches on my Red Rock Wrap this evening and tried it on for the first time. It. Looks. Terrible. The back looks pretty nice, but the front is a disaster.  The cross over pieces are way too short, despite all the extra rows I added, so the buttons are pulled all …

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Jan 15

So Much to Report

First up, I did the first bodice fitting with my cousin for her wedding dress.  No pictures yet…it’s still so early in the process.  Still, we made some good progress.  The second mock up should fit much better and will be closer to the lines that she wants for the final dress. Despite having draped …

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Jan 09


So, my friend put a name to my crooked corset issue…she thinks my hips are uneven.  Not real great, but at least I have figured out why the busks of my Victorian corsets slant, no matter how careful I am in their construction.  I don’t think it is anything I need to worry about since …

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Jan 05

Slowing Down to a Snail’s Pace

I was so gung ho on my bustle outfit for a few weeks and now I can barely bring myself to do half an hour’s worth of work. After tracing my pattern pieces last night and making all the modifications to those pieces, all I got done this evening was cutting everything out.  (Granted, I …

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Jan 02

Mastering Tunisian Crochet

Okay, I think I’ve got it figured out.  I was technically doing it right, but I found the way to make sure that I don’t end up with a wide loop on the left side of my work: instead of working the last stitch just through the front of the last loop, I make sure …

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Jan 01

Launching into Tunisian

So I finally took the plunge and started a project in Tunisian crochet.  I guess it was partly because I finally found a patter that I just couldn’t resist, combined with the fact that the yarn at Joann’s was on sale AND I had a gift card that ended up covering about half the cost. …

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