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Apr 04

Should I feel flattered or offended?

So, in all my excitement, I wore my sapphire tunic to work today. I got absolutely no compliments. Part of me wants to think that people just assumed that I’d purchased it, and isn’t that sort of the ultimate goal…to make things NOT look all “happy hands at home”?  In that case, I should be …

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Apr 03

Sapphire Tunic: Evidence

  I’m loving this tunic, and with the kind of weather we’ve been having right now, it’s sort of perfect.  I can wear it with just a tank top underneath or with a long sleeve shirt.  Of course, it looks like tomorrow will be a sort of in between day, but since I run a …

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Apr 02

Fitting Scare

The sapphire tunic is so incredibly close to being done.  In fact, it would have been finished today if I hadn’t completely worn myself out in the morning. I finished the back piece a couple of days ago and seamed the shoulders.  While working on that, I had a sudden moment of panic as I …

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Mar 24

Blame it on the iPad

I’ve been inexcusably remiss in posting for, oh, well over a month.  It isn’t that I haven’t been doing anything crafty…it’s that I got an iPad.  And I thought Facebook was a time drain! But I think things have leveled off a bit, and I’m finding a balance. So, what have you missed? My latest …

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